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Male Idol Group MR.MR. States that their New Title Song was to Criticize Girls' Generation!

Male group MR.MR. has admitted that they criticized Girls' Generation in their new title track, "Mr.Mr" which is also the same title of the girls' latest song

Mar 4, 2014 01:35 AM GMT
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Male group MR.MR has recently released a song entitled 'Mr.Mr,' which obviously matched the group's name but has also matched Girls' Generation's newest title track, getting fans' attention.

With regards to this connection to Girls' Generation, a MR.MR representative said to Asia Economy on March 3, "The portion of netizens pointing out that MR.MR's 'Mr.Mr' was dissing Girls' Generation, who made a comeback with a song of the same name, is correct."

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MR.MR is the first idol group to release a song which criticizes like this and also to admit that it is indeed a dis song.  'Mr.Mr' has been released on February 28 and included lyrics like, "How could you do that when I'm right here? / Girl, you come out so easily from behind the curtain / Not me, but another mistake, Mr.Mr / I bet you're amused by my embarrassment," and, "I become faint for a main like you / Am I loser and are you a winner? / We're going the same path / I must have looked small from your high perch / Is that why you did that to me?"

This song made many a lot of people suspicious about whether the boys were addressing Girls' Generation in the lyrics. 

MR.MR's representative stated, "Isn't it a violation of ethics in the music industry to openly use an existing group's name for content in a song?  We deliberately put in that topic and the lyric's 'disses.'"

What are your thoughts?

TagㆍMR.MRGirls Generation

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