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Girls' Generation on Promoting With 2NE1 "It's Nice To Show Some Girl Power"

Girls' Generation put a more positive light on their overlapping promotion schedules with 2NE1, says there's no rivalry between the groups.

Mar 9, 2014 02:11 PM GMT
TAGㆍGirls Generation2NE1
Girls Generation
(Photo : SM Entertainment)

A lot are talking about Girls' Generation and 2NE1's big girl group battle royale for this promotional cycle. During their recent interview backstage at "Music Bank", the members of Girls' Generation opened up about their rivalry with YG Entertainment femme fatales, 2NE1.

Tiffany and Seohyun commented, "During Girls' Generation's and 2NE1's early years, girls groups weren't a commonality. Now that we are able to promote together, we're proud and we honestly feel good about showing girl power in the K-pop scene."

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Seohyun added, "2NE1's style is completely different from ours. It's fun to watch 2NE1's performance. We're definitely planning on watching their stage. Instead of competing with other girl groups, we will show our natural sunbae image. Although we feel a sense of responsibility and pressure, I think we'll be able to develop because of that."

Tiffany also commented about the delay in their comeback, saying the editing problems proved to be a gift in disguise. "Since our comeback schedule got delayed, we thought it was an opportunity to show a perfect stage. Although we also do prepare for our comebacks, this time we listened to our song over 50 times a day and practiced really hard. I think there is a time for everything such as this comeback. Each performance will be worth anticipating."

TagㆍGirls Generation2NE1

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