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Taeyeon Admits She Resorted to Alcohol to Get to Sleep During Hiatus

Taeyeon opened up how the lengthy hiatus troubled her and led her to drinking beer just to fall asleep.

Mar 18, 2014 08:21 AM GMT
TAGㆍTaeyeonGirls Generation
(Photo : Ceci Magazine)

On the March 17 episode of "Healing Camp", Girls' Generation leader Taeyeon relied on alcohol to sleep during the group's period of hiatus.

Among the "5 Big Incidents" chosen by the members, the girls highlighted their teenage years. Taeyeon shared, "It was only after I turned 20 that I felt like I had reached my teens. I made my debut at a very young age, and all the while I've been really busy. The years just went by like that. When I turned 21, I felt like I'd just become a teenager. If someone asks me about my age, I have to think about it, and all this time I felt like I never grew up at all."

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Taeyeon continued, "[Girls' Generation's] 1 year hiatus was a really long one for me. I'm one who tends to be hard on herself and just focus on one thing, so [being on break] was difficult. It became tiring."

Host Lee Kyung Kyu also told Taeyeon he's heard rumours saying she even drank alone, to which Taeyeon admitted. "Yes. I couldn't go out nor fall asleep because my mind was very preoccupied. That's why I turned to alcohol to get some sleep. I don't drink a lot, just a can of beer would do. If I confide about my problems to people around me, they would nudge my concerns and ask why I would have such thoughts since I am with Girls' Generation. When I confide to my seniors, they would tell me that the situation I'm going through now is nothing compared to how it was during their time. So I'm really lost."

Is our kid leader feeling troubled? Let's hope not.

TagㆍTaeyeonGirls Generation

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