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NS Yoon-G Opens Up About Plastic Surgery and Her Cousin Jiyoung

In a recent interview, NS Yoon-G opened up about her plastic surgery experience and updates on her cousin Jiyoung of KARA.

Apr 1, 2014 10:00 AM BST
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NS Yoon-G
(Photo : Arena Homme Plus)

In recent interviews, sexy idol NS Yoon-G talked about her comeback, thoughts on doing plastic surgery, and updates on former KARA member Jiyoung, who so happens to be her cousin.

NS Yoon-G came clean about her having a plastic surgery in the past, saying, "If I said I didn't have plastic surgery, I would be lying. I did have plastic surgery before. Since it is my job to be on stage and on screen in front of people, I thought about how I could make myself look prettier. So plastic surgery was a decision I made after much thought. Early into my debut, I only got surgery done on part where it was needed. It was a situation in which I didn't have that much of a choice. After that, I've only been receiving maintenance."

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In a separate interview with Star News, NS Yoon-G talked about her cousin, Jiyoung, who chose not to renew her contract with DSP and will thus leave KARA once it expires this month. NS Yoon-G said, "Jiyoung is currently resting and she's doing well. Her contract with [DSP Media] has not yet expired so she's still in Korea. I don't think she's planning for a solo career. She just wants to live a normal life. As someone who started a singing career at a young age, I can understand where she's coming from."

"Jiyoung is greatly interested in learning English... Since she's a dongsaeng who's walked her own path ever since she was young, I think Jiyoung will make a good decision. As much as this is her choice, I advised Jiyoung to choose something she can bear with even if there is regret."

NS Yoon-G made her comeback with the track, "Yasisi". With this, the singer also left a message for her fans. "In some aspects, it's been a really long time since I've debuted. Compared to those who debuted around the same time as me, I'm advancing slowly taking small steps at a time. For that, I'm sorry to my fans. Although not being able to achieve the success that other singers have is something I also regret myself, I hope that fans know that I'm still striving forward diligently... Although you may think my steps are slow, I'm running hard to return fans' love. I will return your love with an even better image, so please continue to be by my side and cheer me on. I won't get tired, so I hope you won't get tired either."

Tagㆍns yoon gKARAJiyoung

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