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2NE1's Park Bom Pre-debut Photos Released

She is one of the idols whose pre-debut photo was revealed. What are her followers reactions? It looks like past photos have been surfacing around the internet.

Sep 28, 2013 11:43 AM BST
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Park Bom
(Photo : YG Entertainment)

It looks like past photos have been surfacing around the internet. It was just recently when photos of actress, Clara have circulated the internet and was made a tool for proving the she was lying when she denied the rumours of going under the knife.

Just recently, another celebrity's past photo has been dug up and has been circulating around the web communities.

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2NE1's Park Bom is in the hot seat when it comes to past photos. The singer's photo was posted in an online community where in it indicated, "Park Bom of the past was even prettier than Sandara Park."

The photos are showing her and her co-member, Sandara Park during their trainee days.  The pictures have vastly caught the attention of the netizens because of her flawless and "milky" white complexion.

The post drew a lot of reactions to netizens, who replied to the photos flattering her past image, "The old you is much better, something has changed," "I feel sad for her now," "Park Bom sure was pretty before she made her debut," and "Even now she is still pretty, she was just a baby at that time."

Netizens concluded that because of hard work in training, Park Bom may have lost her youth and purity. However, she and her reality tv partner, Sandara still seem to look good nowadays. 

Do you think the other way?

Tagㆍpark bom2NE1

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