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Past Post Shows Akdong Musician's Chan Hyuk Is A Protective Big Brother

An old Facebook post Lee Chan Hyuk warns older guys to approach his sister, Lee Soo Hyun, in an appropriate way.

Apr 12, 2014 10:02 AM BST
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Akdong Musician
(Photo : YG Entertainment)

The cute brother-sister tandem of Akdong Musician has been receiving a lot of love from fans, especially after the release of their debut album, “Play”. A past post by Lee Chan Hyuk now holds testament of the duo’s sibling love.

Lee Chan Hyuk expressed himself to be protective of his sister Lee Soo Hyun in a past Facebook post, which dated September 28, 2012. The post read, “I ask the guys who are much older than my little sister to be a bit more careful chatting with her. Although she gets along well with unnis and oppas who are only two years older than her same-age friends from a while back, it still worries me as her older brother that the age gap [of people] with whom she’s getting close to these days is getting wider.

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I am thankful that you are nice to my little sister, but my sister is still so young [seeing] her catch up with all the oppas’ jokes doesn’t seem right. There are some who even call her ‘honey’, and because I don’t look much of a talker, I might have misunderstood but I still think it’s inappropriate. She laughs and brushes it off, saying it’s just a joke and it’s fun, but an oppa who we’ve never seen in person keeps calling her ‘honey’? This person is just one example, but the age demographic with whom my sister has been chatting with is lot wider than mine.

If you want to be close with my sister and look over her fondly, I would be thankful if you would approach her in a more appropriate and innocent way.”

It looks like Lee Chan Hyun really looks after his sister well.

Tagㆍakdong musician

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