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Chanyeol Shows His Good Manners in "Roommate", Dubbed "Gentleman Idol"

Chanyeol showed his adorable and lovable personality in the premiere episode of "Roommate".

May 5, 2014 01:57 PM BST
(Photo : KpopStarz)

In a previous interview, EXO member Chanyeol expressed that he's worried he might turn off fans once he shows his true colors as he gets into his comfortable zone inside the share house for "Roommate". However, Chanyeol's fears have turned to dust as his fans found his candid antics and refreshingly raw personality utterly adorable!

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The first episode of SBS' "Roommate" finally aired last week, and Chanyeol was able to showcase a side of himself that fans have never seen before in previous TV show appearances. The idol was first to arrive at the house and expressed his awe at how everything looked inside. He casually gave himself a quick tour inside the house-exploring the large living room, the spotless kitchen and dining area, and the rooms upstairs.

The second cast member to arrive was comedian Jo Se Ho, and Chanyeol offered to help carry Jo Se Ho's things, which he ended up most of the stuff anyway.

On this moment, Jo Se Ho explained, "I wanted to show the audience that Chanyeol is the kind of kid who is good to his [seniors]. If he stays still and doesn't help me out, then he would be the idol without manners." The comedian further commented that Chanyeol is what he would call a "gentle-dol" (gentleman idol).

The first episode also showed Chanyeol as a thoughtful junior, as he left a message of greeting to other roommates since he had to leave the house for a shoot. On the glass board in the house common room, Chanyeol wrote:

"Hello everyone!

This is EXO's Chanyeol who is the first roommate to arrive in the house! I came so early so I already fixed some of my stuff and spent some time in this new place. Because I was alone, I was so bored and I couldn't wait to meet the other roommates soon.

I have to [go out] and attend a shoot so I won't be at the house. I'll work hard at the shoot and come back, so please wait for me."

Indeed, Chanyeol's real personality is nothing but charming and lovable. "Roommate" is the latest SBS variety show featuring 11 celebrities living under one "share house". The show airs on SBS every Sunday at 4:40PM KST.


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