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After School's Raina Apologizes to Fans on Twitter After the 'Idol Futsal World Cup' Incident

Raina of After School apologizes to fans on Twitter After School's Raina apologizes to fans of the girl group after an incident during the recent special program of MBC, “Idol Futsal World Cup.

May 28, 2014 09:38 AM BST
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(Photo : Pledis Entertainment)

After School's Raina apologizes to fans of the girl group after an incident during the recent special program of MBC, “Idol Futsal World Cup.” A lot of angry fans vented their feelings on the group and the singing star, which resulted to Raina first making an apology and then deleting the entire contents of her Twitter account.

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After School members were included to take part in the recording of the final part of the show, and fans of the group gathered to greet them afterwards. However it seems that the girls needed to immediately leave the recording venue, without having the chance to say hello to their fans at all. The incident left the group’s supporters in which many had been waiting to see the group, angry.

Fans then took to After School sites and other social media to express how they felt, and Raina then became entangled in a dispute with one Twitter user.

Different After School fan groups have gotten together and members have stated that they will suspend certain parts of their website’s activities. They have said that these parts of their sites will not be reopened until After School and Pledis Entertainment, the group's agency, issued a full apology.

Raina then posts a long apology, which consists of six tweets, as it wrote, “I went on [to the fansite] to say something, but it was down so I’m writing it here. I will most likely delete it after a bit. I think whoever reads it, reads it, and that is enough.”

“I thought it was something that was said to everyone, but hearing that it’s not, I’m a bit taken aback. I should’ve at least tweeted something, but I had to go to the emergency room yesterday and couldn’t write anything.”

“If I didn’t care to express my thanks and apology, I wouldn’t be on Twitter. Even when we’re promoting, I’m always thankful to the fans that always come out to see us, and asked our fan management official every week if we could do something for the fans, but it never worked out so I got angry. Eventually I said I would pay out of my own pocket, but even that fell through in the end, and I was really sorry about that. Anyway, saying it now seems like an excuse, and it makes me sad thinking that my intentions then will seem like a lie. Of course, I trust that we won’t lose you because of the one incident from yesterday.”

“Putting myself in your shoes, I definitely see that you could be disappointed, and thinking back now, I was too focused on my own difficulties that I couldn’t take care of you. I’m sorry.. I feel like it’s my fault that I’ve hurt those that support us. I’m sorry I wasn’t a more considerate singer. It must have been hard, but thank you for believing in me and coming this far with me.”

“I’ll reflect a lot, and from now on, I’ll won’t forget those that support me, whether from near or far.

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