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MBC's 'Music Core' Decides to have a "No Lip-Syncing" Rule in Broadcasts!

What do you think of this new rule of the show? 'Music Core' has the possibility of banning all recorded and excessive music recorded stages to discourage lip-syncing.

Jul 1, 2014 02:15 PM BST
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Music Core
(Photo : MBC)

'Music Core' has the possibility of banning all recorded and excessive music recorded stages to discourage lip-syncing. This is according to an interview with the CP Park Hyun Suk of the show.

'Music Core' CP Park Hyun Suk seems to have told Munhwa Ilbo in an exclusive interview on June 1, "We will not allow people who are not equipped with the basics as a singer to perform on stage. Even if one's individual part is short, that is fine. The singers who perform on stage must sing."

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There is hardly an incident when singers use all recorded to lip sync to these days as that is an old method that is also too obvious to the ears of listeners having a high quality audio these days. That is why these days, agencies record a separate live version as the music recorded version to use on stage. However even though music recorded is technically only supposed to have the chorus and it can also include quite a bit of the lines of the song. "There are some who record 80-90% of their voice onto the MR. How can you call that an MR... Upon listening to the recorded sound coming from the microphone of some idol groups, [I realized] that they didn't sing at all. This is an example of someone who doesn't have the qualities of being a singer."

But, Park is not mentioning that he wants a 100% live stage as he is aware that the factor in performance of the idol groups have a big role. He stated that he is not asking for a live stage making it unable to execute their choreography. But, he thinks that this could determine who the truly talented idol groups, making them pull off both live singing and their performances.

"If you wake up early in the morning and sing, it's normal for your voice to crack. Is it considered normal for idol groups to use MR that makes them sound perfect every moment... The situation has come to the point that the abnormal ends up seeming normal and the normal ends up seeming abnormal. Technology is so good these days that even tone-deaf people can be made into singers. This is causing harm to the essence of music shows."

"Ultimately, one needs to sing at least 50% [of the song] live... K-pop is now influencing the world. As much as it is receiving a lot of interest, the standards of the international fans will also get higher. As much as they are enthusiastic about K-pop and not K-dance, one should train their vocals to perform a stage that one can be proud of."

In the other part of the interview, the CP also said, "Those who don't sing on stage do not have the qualities of being a singer. We will check the MRs provided by each agency to make it so that those who just open and close their mouths will disappear [from the stage]... There are those idols who only perform 10-20% of the song live. However because a separate recorded live version was played, the public think that the idols actually sang live during the performance... This is an act of deceiving the public."

The agency of an idol group, who is recognized for their talent, replied to this information by saying, "We are delighted by MBC's decision. Because they are a singer before they are an idol, they have to be backed up with singing ability... This will serve as all the more of an opportunity for truly skilled artists." Another agency of a rookie idol group was not so happy about the news as they stated, "Because they are still rookies, it is too much for them to expect them to perform a perfect live stage. We will need more time to prepare [for our stages]."

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