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Suzy Comments On Being "Nation's First Love"

On "Entertainment Relay" Suzy talked about being "Nation's First Love" and how she maintains her healthy hair.

Jul 13, 2014 07:25 AM BST
TAGㆍSuzyKim Bo Sung
(Photo : KBS2TV)

When it comes to having that near-perfect image, everybody will most likely direct their attention to miss A’s Suzy. In the recent episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay”, Suzy appeared with Kim Bo Sung, and Kim Bo Sung was asked which girl group he liked best.

Naturally, with Suzy right next to him, he answered, “Miss A! I like Suzy the most.” But when ask about miss A’s hit songs, he couldn’t name a single one. However, he added, “Suzy is all the men’s dream and the nation’s first love.”

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On Kim Bo Sung, Suzy commented, "I and all the staff are fans. Everyone went crazy,” to which Kim Bo Sung replied, "I'm honored. She's the nation's younger sister and the nation's first love. As a Korean man, she makes my heart beat."

Suzy also commented on the title “Nation’s First Love”. The singer-actress said, "I like it so much. When else would I heard something like this? But I did want to be called the 'Nation's daughter-in-law'." When she chose her ideal type as a warm man, Kim Bo Sung joked, "I'm so warm that I'm all heated up."

Other than her healthy skin, Suzy is also noted for her beautiful hair. On how she keeps it that way, Suzy revealed, "I heard that it's not that good to wash your hair every day."

So maybe we’re skipping a few baths after reading this, huh?

TagㆍSuzyKim Bo Sung

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