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HyunA Says She Like's Being Dubbed PSY's Girlfriend

On the July 28 broadcast of SBS’ “Cultwo Show”, HyunA shared her thoughts on being linked to PSY

Jul 28, 2014 06:36 PM BST
(Photo : Cube Entertainment)

When HyunA appeared as PSY’s lady love in his world-famous “Gangnam Style” music video, many people have come to associate HyunA to PSY as the latter’s real-life girlfriend. And who wouldn’t? With their amazing chemistry plus the release of HyunA’s own twist to the iconic tract, it’s hard not to see the two together. On the July 28 broadcast of SBS’ “Cultwo Show”, HyunA shared her thoughts on being linked to PSY and more about her latest album “Red”.

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DJ Jung Chan Woo asked, "How do you feel doing solo promotions? It's already your fourth time now, so aren't you used to it?" HyunA replied, "People think each time that I would have gotten used to it, but it is actually burdensome. When I'm promoting with the members, each one has their position and I trust my members, so I think that makes it a lot better."

Jung Chan Woo followed up with, "Fans all over the world think of you as Psy's girlfriend. Doesn't that put you in a bad mood?" Instead of being awkward towards it, HyunA says she’s actually taken an appreciation to it, "It's such an honor. I like hearing that I am Psy's girlfriend. I definitely do not feel bad about it."

With the growing number of idols venturing into the world of acting, HyunA was asked if she’d ever considered acting. HyunA said, "When I think about acting, even I feel like it would be awkward. I do receive casting offers, but I'm still lacking when I'm on TV or standing on stage, so I think it's too early to also do acting."


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