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Ye Eun Reveals She Ran into Conflicts with Park Jin Young Over the Production of her Album

The new solo artist of JYP, Ye Eun, has discussed about how she got into conflict with Park Jin Young

Jul 31, 2014 08:17 PM BST
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(Photo : JYP Entertainment)

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun, who is debuted as a solo artist, HA:TFELT, then stated that she and Park Jin Young ran went into conflicts over her album.

In an interview with a news outlet, she confessed, “Park Jin Young and I fought a lot while producing my album,” and laughed, “It was like a World War III.”

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“The war begun with choosing the title track,” she said, and continued, “I liked the third track, ‘Ain’t Nobody,’ but ‘Bond‘ is the only sexy song [on the album]. As expected, Park Jin Young PD liked that song, and he recommended it to be the title track. He argued that ‘We can see your unique sexiness though it.’”

When asked on her feelings about having conflicting opinions with her boss, she then stated, “In no way do I consider sexy concepts to be bad. However, if I went forward with a sexy concept, I felt like my other songs written with sincerity would be ignored.”

“Choosing a song that only shows my outer appearance would unable me to show the real me. That is why I fought until the end,” she expressed her determination to debut with a meaningful song.

According to HA:TFELT, the debate did not stop there, the next was to then finalize the tracklist. With all seven songs having a dark and emotional feel, Park Jin Young gave a suggestion to switch out a few tracks to lighten up the album. As she heard this, Ye Eun wrote him an 11-page letter, asking him to leave the album unchanged. As can be guessed, her efforts paid off.

With regards to the artwork, she said, “We also had a war over the album cover, but I followed Park Jin Young PD’s opinion on that one,” and continued, “The final war was over the name, as he told me to go with Ye Eun. He tried to persuade me until the end, saying that ‘people will not like it.’”

Finally, she talked about her determination to show herself as an artist, “I wanted to compose and write songs under the name HA:TFELT, and not Ye Eun of Wonder Girls. I don’t regret that decision at all.”

TagㆍHA:TFELTYe Eunpark jin young

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