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"Ssul Jeon" Critiques HyunA's Singing Abilities

While HyunA may be a legit sexy idol, the "Ssul Jeon" MCs think she needs to improve more on singing.

Aug 15, 2014 06:58 AM BST

On the August 14 installment of JTBC's "Ssul Jeon", the panel talked about HyunA's newest track "Red". The "Red" singer's singing abilities were grilled on the show.

MC Park Ji Yoon commented that HyunA's sexy performance has always been a cause for controversy which at the same time has proven her to be a sexy idol. The hosts then talked about why it's only HyunA who's receiving fire for her sexy concepts when a lot of other idols are doing just the same.

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Kang Yong Suk said, "I hear that the viewers send civil complaints to the Korean Communications Commission's review room."

Heo Ji Wong that while the sexy concept would nevertheless continue to raise an issue, he added, "I wish HyunA would practice singing more to put these controversies to rest." He pointed out that compared to other sexy idols, HyunA's singing ability was below par. The other MCs agreed, saying that while she was the weaker link when it came to singing, she manages to pull through with her charming vocal tone. Kim Gu Ra commented, "But I don't think HyunA's song itself demands good vocal talents."

Heo Ji Wong said that he wished HyunA would improve more in singing by constantly practicing so that the she will develop into an all-around performer with both a sexy, cool image and great singing range.

He added, "There was a lot of comments left by women in their mid-twenties that were severe and excessive to the point they were hard to listen to.  Even I would get scarred, so think about how scarred the person directly involved would be."

Do you guys agree with their critique on HyunA's performance?


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