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BIGBANG's Seungri Gets Discharged From Hospital, Revealed to Have been in the ICU

Seungri has been discharged from the hospital, following his confinement due to the car accident he was involved in

Sep 26, 2014 09:09 AM BST
(Photo : YG Entertainment official Facebook)

After 13 days being in the hospital, BIGBANG's maknae, Seungjri has finally been discharged.

A YG representative told news outlet, Newsen on September 25, "Today, Seungri was discharged from the hospital in which he was hospitalized. He plans to receive outpatient treatment following his discharge."

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It was just a day before his discharge when YG representatives told the press that Seungri was j still in the hospital, as they stated, "As it is not a very serious condition, he is just being hospitalized a little longer to rest. Currently, he is continuing to recover and his physical condition has gotten a lot better."

The agency also stated that there have been no detailed plans on how Seungri's investigation will go, as it has been in halt due to the long confinement of the idol.

Meanwhile, it has been recently known that Seungri had been confined in the ICU while he was in the hospital.

YG Entertainment then explained the case by stating, "Seungri was hospitalized in ICU due to the car accident, but he was later transferred to the general ward. It′s been awhile."

It was also on September 23 when YG stated that the idol is not in serious condition, despite being hospitalized more than one week.

Earlier rumours have circulated that Seungri suffered from hemorrhage of the liver, which has been unconfirmed by YG Entertainment.

Seungri was brought to the hospital on September 12, after being involved in a car accident, which made his Porsche turnover. It has been reported that the idol collided a Mercedes Benz after speeding on the road.


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