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JTBC's "Ssul Jeon" Talks About Jessica's Incident, Mentions There's More to Come from SM Entertainment

It was not a surprise that the talk show discussed the incident that happened to Jessica and SM Entertainment

Oct 9, 2014 11:09 PM BST
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Jessica Jung
(Photo : SM Ent)

On the October 9 broadcast of JTBC's "Ssul Jeon," the hosts talked about Jessica's incident, which was not a surprise to many of its viewers.

Host Kim Gu Ra said, "When you look at conflicting situations for idols, the member in question has no one to lean on but the fans and other members, but in this case, the members turned their backs on her, right? If you look at it from the big picture, it is not a beautiful farewell. I felt that, as expected, all groups are just groups for profit."

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Kang Yong Suk then stated, "I thought she got hacked."

Kim Gu Ra continued, "The other members are acting and going on TV, but did Jessica not distinguish herself with fashion? If what Jessica said is true, it could be unfair for her. Their individual livelihoods were foreseen. If you can't do it together, separating is also for the future."

Park Ji Yoon gave his thought, "It was an eventful year for only SM, from EXO to Girls' Generation.... I keep thinking of Heechul." Heo Ji Woong brought up the two-months spacing between each controversy, mentioning Kris's departure in May, Sulli's dating in July, and Jessica's departure in September. He said, "That means something is going to happen in November. I think that maybe one foreign member might cause some mischief."

Lee Yoon Suk then mentioned what former host Heechul told them before departing, "Before Heechul left 'Ssul Jeon,' he said there were a couple things that would be coming out. Last month, when we ate out for sea eel, he said there was not much time left. [Jessica's departure] must be one of them."

Park Ji Yoon insisted that time what Heechul meant by "coming out."

Will controversies continue for SM Entertainment and its artists this year?

Tagㆍsm entertainmentJessicaJessica JungGirls Generation

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