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Lay Leaves Supportive Message Presumably Addressed to Luhan

Lay's report shows that somehow the other members had previous knowledge about Luhan's plans.

Oct 10, 2014 07:00 AM BST

With new reports about EXO's Luhan filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, fans are scrambling at the idea of EXO losing another member. While this came as a huge surprise to many, it seems that the other members of the group were already well aware of what was coming with regard to Luhan.

In the midst of the controversy, EXO-M member Lay took to Weibo and posted something that fans construe to be something directed at Luhan.

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The message read:

"Goodbye, brother! If we get the chance, let's perform on stage together again. As my brother, I support whatever decision you make. Good luck!"

When Lay was asked about Luhan's condition in a previous fan meeting, Lay said Luhan is doing well but is in need of some rest.

Nevertheless, it comes as quite a relief to fans now that at least the members, particularly Lay, are supportive of Luhan's move. At least, unlike Kris' situation wherein many were surprised and disappointed, the members already had previous knowledge about what Luhan was planning to do.

The other members, however, have not commented on Luhan's situation.

In the meantime, what great timing it is for this week's episode of "EXO 90:2014".  Luhan's remake MV is up for today's broadcast. A representative of the show told Ten Asia that a lot of inquiries have been coming in about whether Luhan's bit will be broadcasted. The representative confirmed that they will continue with the broadcast since it has already been filmed and scheduled for airing.

Meanwhile, EXO will continue with their other activities and projects as planned. SM Entertainment also revealed that they will deal with Luhan's situation together with their legal counsels as well as their partners in China, where Luhan plans to take the next step in his career.

What do you guys make out of this Luhan issue?


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