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Sources Reveal Why Luhan Filed a Lawsuit Against SM Entertainment

Insiders give reasons on why Luhan decided to void his contract It has not been long since reports about Luhan files a lawsuit against SM Entertainment.

Oct 10, 2014 04:11 PM BST
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It has not been long since reports about Luhan files a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. Sources have given statements on the reason the idol made this decision.

The source that revealed the reason was one of Luhan's closest friends. He has been a highschool classmate of Luhan and have seen in various Weibo post of the idol.

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Luhan's friend stated, To be honest, I didn’t know Luhan would make a decision as sudden as this. Recently, Luhan has been suffering from migraines and sleeping problems. He even had to miss an EXO concert, receiving care from his family in Beijing."

He went on by saying that Luhan had been unable to go home even though he had been suffering from health problems. He said that the agency had been very strict when it comes to vacations. Luhan wanted to be at his family's side however was not permitted.

There have also been reports from Korean news outlets that SM Entertainment has been treating EXO-K differently from EXO-M.

Reports state that, "There is a lot of restriction on their private lives, and they even are treated differently when getting permission for vacation. After signing their contract in May of 2010, they underwent severe training until their debut in April 2012, going for an average of 10 hours a day, and during this time, they did not receive any financial aid."

The report stated that Luhan was tired and stressed with the strict rules and training. With Luhan having health problems, the agency has been controlling their activities and were not allowed for individual activities. Their managers have been monitoring them and were aware of what they have been doing.

TagㆍEXOLuhansm entertainment

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