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Long Time Friends, G-Dragon and Taeyang Opens Up in the One-Time Fight in their 14-Year Friendship

Bestfriends for the longest time, G-Dragon and Taeyang opened up to the cause of their one-time fight

Dec 10, 2014 02:34 PM GMT
TAGㆍBIGBANGTaeyangG-DragonGD x Taeyang
G-Dragon and Taeyang
(Photo : SM Entertainment )

BIGBANG members, G-Dragon and Taeyang, who are known to have one of the most longest friendships in the K-pop industry, revealed to have fought each other but only for once.

The bestfriends, told the media in their recent interview, the reason why they fought each other for once in their 14-year friendship.

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A media representatve asked if the two idols fought or even had heated arguments while gearing up for their album, "Strangely, we’ve fought exactly one time during the 14 years that we’ve known each other."

As most people would think that friends fight over something deep such as liking the same girl or having a misunderstanding between something, it suprised everyone when G-Dragon and Taeyang revealed the incident happened at a basketball game.

G-Dragon then stated the story of their one-time fight,"We were playing basketball and it got to the point where we started flinging our fists back and forth. The kids around us stopped us before it escalated into a physical fight," making him laugh. Taeyang then stated, "Because we knew we had to see each other until the end as BIGBANG members, we didn’t drag out the fight. Also, if we actually fight, I would lose." 

TagㆍBIGBANGTaeyangG-DragonGD x Taeyang

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