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Kim Sa Eun Talks About Her Married Life With Sungmin

Kim Sa Eun talks about how Sungmin met with her father and how things have changed since they've been together.

Apr 13, 2015 01:57 PM BST
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Sungmin's wife, Kim Sa Eun, appeared on the April 9 broadcast of SBS' "100 Year Guest Dear" during which she talked about her married life with Sungmin.

On the show, Kim Sa Eun admitted that she doesn't have an aegyo but Sungmin helped change all that. "Since Sungmin has an aegyo, I followed him and got better at aegyo. Sungmin likes it when I do aegyo."

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One of every couple's biggest fears and worries is meeting their partner's parents, and Kim Sa Eun shared the story of how Sungmin met with her father. "Isn't it tradition to drink a lot of alcohol when you're meeting [your girlfriend's] dad for the first time? Sungmin can't stand soju, but my dad is a master at drinking soju. [Sungmin] was enthusiastic but he didn't prepare so much, but they ended up drinking nine bottles of soju. As they drank over three bottles, two of them drank a glass each, shook hands, drank another glass, then shook hands again. They ended up really drunk, but as we made our way home they were still able to walk properly," Kim Sa Eun said. Looks like Sungmin made a good impression on Kim Sa Eun's father.

When news about Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun's wedding preparations erupted, many were wondering if Kim Sa Eun was already pregnant that's why the marriage proposal and the actual marriage went by so fast. Kim Sa Eun discussed the matter once again, saying, "Since news about our marriage came all of a sudden, there was suspicion of a premarital pregnancy. That wasn't true then and it isn't true [that I'm pregnant] now. But people then thought 'Oh, it's not true' since they saw me shed off some weight while preparing for the wedding."

TagㆍKim Sa Eun

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