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Yang Hyun Suk On B.I. and G-Dragon Comparisons: "It's Too Early To Compare Them"

Yang Hyun Suk says while there are similarities between the two, it's too early to compare the junior and the senior.

May 10, 2015 04:04 PM BST
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YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk recently sat down for a press conference on May 8th where he gave updates on YG artists' recent activities as well as other controversial matters in the loop.

YG Entertainment has proven that they are more than just breeding idols-they are introducing artists to the world. Last year, the agency launched the career of WINNER, YG's first ever idol group since Big Bang's debut in 2006. WINNER was an instant hit-they received praise locally and globally, and were at the top of the game despite being first-timers. With YG's new reputation of molding top talents with unique qualities, expectations are running high for iKON especially since some of its members have already shown what they can do through various TV programs. One particular member gaining high interest is team leader B.I., who is now being compared to G-Dragon.

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Because of his writing and producing skills, B.I. was easily identified with G-Dragon. Both of them are known to excel in these; G-Dragon single-handedly led various productions for Big Bang's album and even his own, while B.I. is reported to have contributed a lot to iKON's debut album production.

However, while some are certain that B.I. is G-Dragon's junior version, Yang Hyun Suk says he isn't so sure yet. "It's too early to compare B.I to G-Dragon. I've seen a lot of trainees, and I can't tell how they will grow [in the future]... I never expected G-Dragon to become what he is now. B.I. is still developing so we can't tell what kind of results he will show. All I can do now is nurture him and mold him, and hope that he will bear good results. B.I. and G-Dragon are similar in the sense that they're both leaders, so [B.I.] is a little more special to me," Yang Hyun Suk shared.

Do you think B.I. has the potential to become the next G-Dragon?

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