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YG Entertainment Has A New Girl Group In Store This Year

This is going to be a huge feat for the agency as this will be their first female ensemble since they debuted 2NE1.

May 21, 2015 03:34 PM BST
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Looks like this is going to be a huge year for YG Entertainment as the agency not only has an upcoming boy group prepared for all of us, they are also readying a female idol group for debut. This is going to be a huge feat for the agency as this will be their first female ensemble since they debuted 2NE1.

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YG Entertainment started their year right with comebacks from hip hop icons Jinusean and superstar boy group Big Bang. Comebacks from YG Entertainment artists WINNER, Akdong Musician, and Lee Hi are also in the works. And at to that iKON's much-awaited debut. Honestly, what more can a YG stan ask for? It looks like Yang Hyun Suk has a lot of surprises under his sleeve. It was recently revealed that YG Entertainment has been preparing to debut a new girl group!

A YG Entertainment representative confirmed this longtime rumor in an interview with Star News on May 12. "YG's new female idol group is expected to debut before September, so we're aiming for a summer debut. This group consists of talented members who have been training for at least three years," the rep announced.
According to the rep, Yang Hyun Suk is closely supervising the group to fine tune their skills as they prepare to debut. The rep said, "Yang Hyun Suk is still evaluating their music skills so their debut date may change. However, chances of a summer debut for the group are high. Yang Hyun Suk is working hard to achieve his goal of having a girl group and [a boy group] iKON win the Rookie of the Year awards in both male and female category." Talk about year-end awards domination!

The rep described the group as having a completely different vibe that isn't common in the local music scene.

Although YG Entertainment has not revealed the official line-up yet, it was confirmed that Kim Ji Soo and Jennie Kim will be joining the new girl team.

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