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Korea's Daily Sports Released its List of the Top 10 Movers of K-pop (Part I)

K-pop is at the height of its success these days. Daily Sports has listed down the top 10 entities that have made this boom possible.

Nov 6, 2013 05:27 AM GMT
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Late in September, Korean media outlet Daily Sports released a comprehensive list of companies and personalities that made the most influence on K-pop today. The efforts of the following entities helped pushed K-pop to become a standard name in music, making its artists as notable and recognizable as American and British celebrities.  

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Since its humble beginning in the past decade, the K-pop business is beginning to experience a massive boom. Entertainment companies are now earning 200,000,000,000 won in annual sales.

The Top 10 List of Influential Names in the industry was released as part of Daily Sports' 44th anniversary celebrations. The following names were determined by votes from 200 authorities in the industry.

1. SM Entertainment (101 votes)

SM Entertainment is allegedly Korea's representative entertainment agency, having the most value of stocks, exports, and affiliated artists. In terms of market price, SM Entertainment is the first among entertainment companies, and ranks 21st among companies included in the KOSDAQ (trading board of the Korea stock exchange). SM Entertainment's top ranking idol groups such as DBSK, Super Junior, and Girls' Generation contribute much to SME' value, as the groups have been proven a success locally and abroad.

SM Entertainment is also one of those entertainment companies that have strategically ventured into other divisions and merged with other companies to expand profits. They opened their drama production subsidiary SM C&C last year and recently merged with Woollim Entertainment this year.

In an interview with Kim Young Min of SM Entertainment, the representative revealed a few of the company's plans for the future.

"SM still has a ton to do in the global market. I predict that Asia will be stepping to the front worldwide. We aspire to be number one in all of Asia. On that front, SM C&C has officially started as a record label. In the future, we'd like to become the first Korean company that can confidently stand side-by-side with major global music companies like Universal Music,Warner Music, and Sony Music Entertainment."

2. YG Entertainment (75 votes)

While SME trains pop singers, YG Entertainment focuses on launching hip-hop and R&B artists. YG's artists are also internationally acclaimed, headlined by PSY, Big Bang, and 2NE1. Although it's not as big a company as SM, YG prides itself in producing worldwide chart-toppers such as PSY's "Gangnam Style".

3. Melon (50 votes)

As Korea's largest music distribution company, it's no wonder MelOn is one of the this year's most influential names in the business. The MelOn music charts is perhaps the most respected one in Korea, being an important factor in the determination of winners on various music programs.

4. G-Dragon (43 votes)

Aside from being the most popular Big Bang member, G-Dragon is also considerably one of the most popular Korean acts that have ever set foot on stage. His latest album, "Coup d'etat" was a monster of a success, having stormed local and international music charts with not just one song but 4. G-Dragon also made a name for himself for his eccentricity and unique fashion choices.

TagㆍYG Entertainmentsm entertainmentMelOnG-DragonEXO

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