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Actress Min Ji Oh Talks About Her Bed Scenes in "Rough Play" And Her Impression of Lee Joon

Min Ji Oh shares her thoughts on filming several bed scenes for "Rough Play" and how she finds co-star Lee Joon

Nov 11, 2013 03:38 AM GMT
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In a recent interview, actress Min Ji Oh shared her thoughts about filming several bed scenes in the movie "Rough Play", where she plays the role of a seemingly innocent looking actress who possesses a rather vulgar side to her.

Min Ji Oh was asked if she found it difficult to shoot not just one, but several bed scenes for the movie. She shared, "The movie script didn't exactly emphasize that we'd be working a bed scenes. I was a little surprised when they said we'd have to shoot a longer bed scene. However, I didn't feel a lot of pressure. Even when we had to film the additional bed scenes, I didn't think they were uncalled for. My only concern then was that I felt pressured to look good in those bed scenes."

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As a rookie artist, Min Ji Oh must've been a bit nervous working with Lee Joon who's appeared in the internationally acclaimed movie "Ninja Assassin". On her first impression of the singer-actor, Min Ji Oh shared, "When we first met, I expected him to be clumsy and silly like the way he is on variety shows, but he was very gentle and well-mannered. I was kind of surprised seeing him quietly looking over the script in one corner and deeply bowing to the staff with respect. He was always respectful and happy. While filming, he referred to himself as a chic guy, but I could still see some of his variety-show personality as well. He really made the atmosphere [good]; he was lifting everyone's spirits and joking around whenever he had a bad take."

Min Ji Oh later explained how she liked working with Lee Joon.

"He has a nice voice and he's a good actor, too. And his manners are great. He's the single main character of the movie and if you consider his acting debut, he's my senior, and more popular than I am. Even so, he really took care of me during the bed scenes and the action scenes. Especially during bed scenes, it's always unclear when the director calls out "cut", but when the staff begins handing us clothes, he'd always give me mine first. He was very considerate even with the little things, and I'm thankful of that."

Min Ji Oh debut as an actress at the age of 31 and starred in the 2011 drama "It's Okay, Daddy's Girl." She received a lot of praises for her performance in "Rough Play", which was released on October 24.

Tagㆍmin ji ohLee Joon

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