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Suho Wants to Cheer Up Fans With "Love Me Right" Promotions

"Through 'Love Me Right', we hope we can uplift fans who are feeling rather down."

Jun 6, 2015 06:10 PM BST

In a recent interview with OSEN, EXO leader Suho reflected on the group's latest hits "Call Me Baby" and "Love Me Right". The group met success at an early stage, and continue to exceed expectations to this day. But despite all that they have achieved, the members only have one primary goal in mind and that is to have fun.

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Talking about the repackaged edition for "Love Me Right", Suho said, "We released the repackaged edition [of 'Love Me Right'] just a short period after we promoted 'Call Me Baby', that's why fans are getting into it more. 'Love Me Right' is a fun, dance tune that perfectly captivates the emotions of summer, and thus it's easily enjoyable to many. I believe that's the reason why the song is doing so well [in the charts]."
The EXO leader further stated that for the group's "Love Me Right" promotions they want to break their own record and a have at least 2 million copies of their albums sold. "Of course, receiving a good award by the end of this year is part of our goals, but even more important than that is having fun and enjoyment in our activities."

"When we promoted 'Call Me Baby', we performed with serious expressions to appear cool. This time we have our game faces on. But once we hit the stage, we smile and enjoy ourselves. Through 'Love Me Right', we hope we can uplift fans who are feeling rather down."

Recently in the news EXO was reported to have surprised fans with a football-themed fan service before hitting the "Music Bank" stage. As they made their way into the KBS building, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Chen, and Kai stepped out of the van wearing full-on football gear which brought giggles and smiles to their fans. According to Suho the surprise event was spontaneous and was decided upon by the entire team. "We wanted to make our fans happy. At first, all the members wanted to join in, but since things happened all of a sudden only four members were able to borrow [the football outfits]."

How are you guys liking EXO's "Love Me Right"?


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