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Girls' Generation Speak Out For The First Time About Promoting With 8 Members

"Making the choreography isn't that easy [as compared to when there were 9 of us]. But we will do our best."

Jul 12, 2015 04:21 PM BST
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During the Girls' Generation's comeback showcase on July 7, the members addressed the burning issue about Jessica's departure from the group and how they are dealing with promoting as an 8-strong band.

As this is their first time promoting in Korea with just 8 members, leader Taeyeon shared that they held on together so as not to disappoint fans. "We didn't want to disappoint our fans, so we braved through it and got closer even more as we prepared. We've come to realize that this is a chance for us to become stronger together. We prepared so hard for this and thought it would be shame if we just showcased one song, so we decide to pick three songs as our title tracks," Taeyeon said.

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Yuri also commented on how the loss of one member somehow affected the group's performance and routines particularly when it came to dance formations. "Since each member trained for a long period, we're all fairly good at singing and dancing. But when we were dissected into [three groups of three] the members had no time to stand out. It was a shame, but I think now [with 8 members] we've gotten more opportunities to present each member's individual charm."

The group also shared that while they can discuss the changes in their choreography and singing parts, the members did admit that it's a lot easier to dance with an odd number of members (such as 9). "Eight is an even number, so the making the choreography isn't that easy [as compared to when there were 9 of us]. But we will do our best."

TagㆍGirls Generation

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