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G.O's Statement Against Former MBLAQ Members Lee Joon and Thunders Takes Seungho and Mir By Surprise

"We sing better than them," G.O said about Lee Joon and Thunder. Is there still bad blood between the remaining and former members?

Jun 10, 2015 02:37 PM BST
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MBLAQ finally made their comeback as a newly reformed three-man group with their latest song "Mirror". This is the group's first activity since Lee Joon and Thunder's exit, and that said many have speculated that the lyrics to "Mirror" might be related to the betrayal the remaining members have felt from the former members.

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During the group's comeback showcase on June 9, the members cleared out the rumors and explained what the song is truly about.

The particular part of the lyrics in question goes, "The wound is bigger because [it was inflicted] by you whom I trusted more than anyone else. Even when you didn't say sorry, you were still more precious to me than anyone else. I'm really hurt."

Seungho explained that the song will mean differently depending on the listener's viewpoint, "We wanted to tell the story in a straightforward manner, but we've had a lot of good memories. We don't want to ruin those. Just think of it as if we're cheering on one another." This could relate to MBLAQ's current situation with the former members, and how they want to remain supportive of each other mutually.

G.O. continued, "I can't say the entire lyrics are addressed to them, but we also don't have that much experience on love. Seeing our situation, we just told it as a love story." G.O continued to refer to Thunder and Lee Joon, saying, "We sing better than them [Lee Joon and Thunder]. We got more singing parts this time. Come to think of it, now I have more opportunities to sing. Of course, they do dance better than me." G.O.'s statement somehow caught Seungho and Mir by surprise.

Do you think there's still bad blood between MBLAQ members and Lee Joon and Thunder.

TagㆍMBLAQLee JoonThunder

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