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Shinhwa Wins Lawsuit Against Joon Media Over Trademark Rights to Group Name

From hereon in, Shinhwa will now be able to freely spell out their group name without any legal impediments.

May 29, 2015 05:39 PM BST

After 17 years of promoting under their group name, Shinhwa has officially gained trademark rights to their name.

Since 2013, Shinhwa has not been able to put its group name on album covers, posters, merchandise, and other promotional materials. This is due to the fact that although SM Entertainment originally owned the trademarks to the name "Shinhwa", such rights were later transferred to Joon Media in 2011. Since then, Shinhwa only got to promote using the group's logo.

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Shinhwa's very own agency, ShinCom Entertainment, filed a lawsuit against Joon Media in 2012 to obtain the rights to their group name. After years of legal battle, a court ruling has been issued on May 27th conferring the trademark rights of "Shinhwa" to ShinCom Entertainment.

Finally, Shinhwa will now be able to use their name freely in whatever publicly-produced material without igniting a legal debacle. They will now be able to spell out their name in thier promotional materials.

Shinhwa expressed their joy over the court's decision, saying, "We are very glad that we've been able to regain the rights to our name after this long battle. We express our thanks to our fans who have always supported us and cheered on us as we fought to protect the name of Shinhwa. We will continue to do our best so that 'Shinhwa' will shine brighter."

Consequently, ShinCom Entertainment will be rebranded into Shinhwa Company, the name originally used for the company when it was established in 2011.

In response to the report, member Minwoo had an inspiring thing to say: "Shinhwa will not be broken."


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