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Kyuhyun: "I Wanna Be Called 'The Celebrity Killer'."

Super Junior's Cho Kyuhyun complains about his playboy reputation in a recent episode of "Radio Star"

Nov 17, 2013 11:24 AM GMT

Super Junior’s maknae Kyuhyun, who’s been notoriously referred to as the group’s playboy by “Radio Star” has suddenly turned sensitive with regard to the issue. He supposedly requested SM Entertainment to have the management delete comments about him being a “non-celebrity killer” on the aforementioned TV Show.

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During the November 13 episode of “Golden Fishery Radio Star”, Kyuhyun sat down in an interview with MCs Kim Gura, Yoon Jong Shin, and Kim Gook.

Another guest, Lim Chang Jung, expressed that there was a time he couldn’t identify who Kyuhyun was. Yoon Jong Shin jokingly introduced Kyuhyun as Super Junior’s “non-celebrity killer”, a nickname coined for the singer during a previous episode of the show which stemmed from Lady Jane’s revelation that Shindong and Ryeowook described Kyuhyun as someone who likes to flirt with and date non-celebrities.

Surprised, Kyuhyun replied, “I am not a non-celebrity killer. I don’t how I got this reputation. I’ve only ever had one long term relationship.”

That’s when Kim Guar revealed that the producer of “Radio Star” received a call from a representative from SM Entertainment requesting them to delete all comments related to Kyuhyun’s “playboy reputation” which was aired during the episode with Lady Jane.

Because of this Yoon Jong Shin commented, “You don’t say a lot of things and now you’re asking that to be deleted?"

Kyuhyun replied, “On the last show, Lady Jane classified me as being a non-celebrity killer, saying she heard it from Shindong. I thought it was unfair, that’s why I did that.”

However, Kim Gura argued, “Who cares if people say that about you? People say a lot of things about you when you’re successful.”

With this, Kyuhyun chimed in, “From now on, I want to be called the ‘celebrity killer’.”


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