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Seohyun Donates 100 Million Won To Dongguk University To Fund Its Scholarship Program

Girls Generation member shows how she is a good role model to students by funding Dongguk University's scholarship program to assist students with financial difficulties.

Nov 19, 2013 05:35 AM GMT
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Girls' Generation's Seohyun recently donated 100 million won (95,000 USD) as a sort of thank you and parting gift to her alma mater, Dongguk University.

The theatre major, who's now on her fourth year in college and on her way to graduation personally handed the donation to Dongguk University's chancellor, Kim Hui Ock. The said amount will proceed to the university's scholarship program.

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Chancellor Kim Hui Ock as well as Seohyun's professors had nothing but praises for their student. Chancellor Kim Hui Oct said, "Seohyun, who participates in school as a well-mannered and studious celebrity, donated a large sum to her fellow students. All Dongguk personnel are thankful, and through proper intentions will we utilize the scholarship with great purpose."

Seohyun's theatre professor, Shin Young Sup, also commented, "Seohyun [unlike other celebrity students] got along well with other members of her class. During Seohyun's second year in college, she already expressed her interest in donating to the scholarship program after seeing some of her friends at school having difficulties. However, we suggested for her to wait a little while and donate when she prepares for graduation, which lead to today's delivery of her scholarship donation."

Seohyun also expressed her gratitude to the school during the hand-over ceremony. "I've learned a lot while attending Dongguk University. I wanted to help my fellow friends who, although carried great dreams, had to discontinue their studies due to familial and financial concerns."

When asked which class was her favourite, Seohyun answered, "Japanese was the most fun class. I grasped a great realization during the Classics seminars."

Despite the busy schedules, Girls' Generation's Seohyun portrayed how hard work and a touch of a pure, genuine, loving heart can bring a positive impact.

Indeed, Seohyun is both beauty and brains, and with a genuine and generous heart.

TagㆍGirls GenerationSeohyundongguk university

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