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Yoona Talks About "Prime Minister and I" And Her Role as Nam Da Jung

Yoona and her fans are excited for the premiere of "Prime Minister and I". In a recent interview she discusses her first encounter with the handsome Lee Bum Soo and how she managed to channel the role of Nam Da Jung.

Nov 21, 2013 06:50 AM GMT
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Girls' Generation's Im Yoona recently sat down for an interview to discuss her role in the upcoming drama series "Prime Minister and I".

In the movie, Yoona plays reporter Nam Da Jung, who will be romanced by Prime Minister Kwoon Yool, played Lee Bum Soo, who is 20 years Yoona's senior in real life. The singer-actress was asked about her impression of Lee Bum Soo.

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"He seems like a serious person, but he's actually very funny. He makes me feel comfortable, and I am thankful to him," Yoona said.

On her role as Nam Da Jung and Lee Bum Soo's role as Kwon Yool, Yoona commented, "When I first read through the script, I thought I would match well with the prime minster. And then when we met for the first script reading, we actually did. Lee Bum Soo plays the straightforward prime minister well. My acting came through naturally. It was the first time I was able to channel my character this easily. It's an honor to be acting alongside my sunbaenim."

The reporter proceed to ask Yoona what image he's planning to portray on the show and what she thinks the type of response she'll get.

"I've played a lot of kind and innocent characters before. Nam Da Jung is quite similar, but her personality is more carefree and she sometimes makes no sense. She's loud and stubborn, unlike previous characters I've played. I am not pressured to act and look pretty. I'm thinking of this as a challenge. When I participate in dramas, I get called different nicknames. I'm looking forward to what viewers will nickname me this time."

Actors have different methods to prepare for their roles in movies and drama series. As for Yoona, she prepares herself by going over the script several times and praying before she begins each filming day.

"I looked over the script many times. Compared to other dramas I've done, I've read the script for this one the most, and I worked the hardest for this one. I also felt more pressure than usual. I always pray before I start each filming. I don't think I've ever prayed this much before!"

"Prime Minister and I" will premiere in December 9 at 10 PM KST on KBS.

"Please look forward to the series. It will be a warm and cheerful drama perfect for winter. I hope it fills your heart with joy," Yoona expressed.

Tagㆍyoonaprime minister and iLee Bum Soo

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