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Joo Won Reveals His Inner Romantic In "Taxi"

In the recent episode of "Taxi", Joo Won reveals his inner romantic and talks about his ideal woman and life goals, which include getting married and having lovely breakfasts with his wife.

Dec 16, 2013 01:10 PM GMT
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Actor Joo Won was a guest star on the recent episode of tvN talk show “Taxi” where he discussed about his previous on-screen partners and his ideal woman.

On the show Kim Gura asked Joo Won if any of the actresses he’s worked with matches his ideal type of woman. Joo Won replied, “All of the actresses I’ve worked with are great.”

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He explained, “Moon Chae Won may look like a cold, city woman, but she’s actually very fun and carefree once you get to know her. Choi Gang Hee is very genuine and fun. The best part about her is that she makes people feel comfortable and renewed.”

When he was asked whom he will most likely visit him when he enters the military, Joo Won answered, “I think both Moon Chae Won and Choi Gang Hee would come. Choi Gang Hee often promised me she would.”

The actor also shared his notion of love. “I like a nice person. I see how she treats elder people,” he continued, “I have a very clear notion of love. We have to directly express what we feel without even thinking about it. I recently found myself contemplating and it made me cry. I don’t want to lose the pure heart that lets me love innocently.”

Aside from his aspirations in love, Joo Won also shared his life goals. “I want to be a professor. I want to get married, wake up with my wife’s morning kiss, eat breakfast that she prepared for me, and go to work in a white shirt, trench coat, and sunglasses with my wife’s have-a-good-day kiss.

Tagㆍjoo wonTaxikim gura

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