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Lee Da Hae To File Lawsuit Against Instigators Of Malicious Prostitution Claims

Recently, a huge prostitution scandal broke out which allegedly involved many top Korean celebrities including Lee Dae Hae who has now issued an official statement regarding the matter.

Dec 17, 2013 10:40 AM GMT
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A shocking report about an organized prostitution ring involving a-list celebrities has made its rounds in the internet just recently. Several celebrities were mentioned in the scandal, including "My Girl" star Lee Da Hae.

Shortly after the controversy flamed up, Lee Da Hae's legal team issued an official statement saying that they will take legal action against the perpetrators behind such malicious accusations.

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The legal team stated, "We have learnt about the malicious rumours against Lee Dae Hae which have been circulating around the internet lately. To prevent further damage and spread of such baseless rumours, we will be taking strong legal action against netizens guilty of instigating and spreading these false allegations. Lee Dae Hae is a celebrity who's been very tolerant about malicious rumours and attacks directed at her. However, this time the situation is completely out of control, and names are being exposed. We feel that we couldn't just take this matter lightly anymore. To prevent anything similar to happen in the future, we will take legal actions to make an effective example."

The team continued, "We hope that netizens understand the severity of the situation. The more the rumours spread, the more suspects will become implicated in a legal lawsuit. As for those who continue to leave comments regarding the issue, we've submitted sufficient evidence to the police for investigations. To those directly involved in damaging Lee Da Hae's reputation, we are prepared to charge them with libel. We hope to completely eliminate this problem."

The rumours apparently have been causing Lee Da Hae mental and physical stress.

Other celebs that were revealed to have taken part in the prostitution ring are Koyotae's Shinji, and Jo Hye Ryeon.

In the meantime, investigations on the scandalous prostitution ring continues. 

Tagㆍlee da hae

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