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Kim Woo Bin Fanboys Over G-Dragon At "M! Countdown New Year Special"

Do we smell a bromance brewing? Kim Woo bin and G-Dragon exchange a loving conversation during the New Year's special for "M! Countdown".

Jan 3, 2014 12:20 PM GMT
TAGㆍKim Woo BinG-Dragon
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It has been known that "The Heirs" star Kim Woo Bin looks up to Big Bang member G-Dragon. And boy did he get lucky as he was able to talk to his idol during the New Year's Special of "M! Countdown".

The broadcast, which was aired on January 2nd, featured Kim Woo Bin in special segment called "Reply Kim Woo Bin" wherein he answered some of the fans most heated questions.

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One of the questions thrown at him was, "What do you like about G-Dragon". With a huge smile, Kim Woo Bin answered, "G-Dragon just looks so cool no matter what he sings or wears. I wanted to be friendlier with him but unfortunately, I do not have many chances to do so."

The everyone's surprise, G-Dragon went live via phone patch and talked to Kim Woo Bin himself, "Hello there, Woo Bin! I am so nervous even though I am talking to a guy." As everyone burst into laughter, Kim Woo Bin replied, "I wanted to really get friendly with you last time we met on 'M! Countdown'. Please speak comfortably."

G-Dragon went on, "I believe I am a year older than you. I know that doesn't seem like a 'hyung' but please call me one." G-Dragon's warm approach got Kim Woo Bin excited to be able to refer to him as "hyung". G-Dragon also cheered fans and the Kim Woo Bin when he announced that one of his goals this 2014 is to actually become close to Kim Woo Bin.

To we smell a budding bromance? 

TagㆍKim Woo BinG-Dragon

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