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Girl Group STELLAR Is Under Fire Due to their Explicit Promotional Tactics!

Just a few days ago when STELLAR started releasing teasers from their new single which is now under fire!

Feb 12, 2014 03:21 PM GMT
(Photo : Top Class Entertainment)
(Photo : Top Media)

Girl group STELLAR, who just had their comeback on February 12 with the sexy “Marionette,” is now being criticized for promoting their comeback in a distasteful manner.

After the single, “Marionette” was released and became an the talk of town because of their revealing outfits, netizens seemed to have noticed the moves that their agency Top Class Entertainment has used to market the track.

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On January 13, the agency started STELLAR’s Facebook account, and has named it “Oppa, I will do everything you tell me to – Marionette.” Then after, they had asked fans to pick a song for them, and made a promise to shoot a sexy dance video. Fams voted Gary‘s “Shower Later,” known for its suggestive lyrics.

On February 4, the next message has been shared on STELLAR’s Facebook page together with a photo, “We will need oppas help to reveal our marionette.^^ The more likes our page gets, the more you will see of the marionette’s sexy and charming looks. Please also tag oppas who will help us. Enthusiastic response, we can expect it, right? Okay, let’s go.”

Just two days ago, the group’s return has been announced by revealing first official teaser photos. In the talked about pictures, the members were seen wearing revealing lingerie and flirting with the camera, making netizens to question the taste level of the concept.

While these aggressive sensual tactics gave STELLAR a lot of attention, fans and netizens have shown mostly negative responses to the controversial concept. Many have showed their disagreement with the too revealing stage outfits and criticized the wrong way of promoting the girl group.


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