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Heechul Apologises For Being Overly Defensive About the Sulli-Choiza Discussion on "Ssul Jeon"

During "Ssul Jeon's" special anniversary episode, Heechul apologised for being too protective of Sulli when the topic of her dating controversy was put on the table.

Feb 21, 2014 02:45 PM GMT
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JTBC talk show "Ssul Jeon" celebrated the show's first anniversary on February 20.

On the show's special episode, they made a recap on some of the top stories they tackled in the past, including the dating scandal involving f(x) member Sulli and Dynamic Duo member Choiza.

Heechul, who's a close friend of Sulli, stated an apology for being too defensive about her friend on the show. "I joined 'Ssul Jeon' on its 31st episode, and on the very next episode we talked about [Sulli and Choiza's] situation."

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Heechul continued, "I will apologize to the viewers of 'Ssul Jeon' for my behaviour [that time]. I went against the purpose of the program, and I came out too defensively."

Furthermore, the Super Junior member explained, "Honestly, at that time, I thought about what Kim Gu Ra told me when I was first thought about joining the show. He said, '[Being on the show] will be hard for you because you have a lot to lose. Whatever you have to say here, you're definitely going to lose something.' I thought, 'It's going to be okay'. But then, by that time that situation happened, I felt it for sure. I said, 'That's what [Kim Gu Ra] was talking about."

In recall, Heechul came in defence of Sulli during the discussion about her dating scandal with Choiza. Heechul and Sulli's close friendship is very commonly known, so it interesting for people to see how Heechul would react when his friend is in question.

Tagㆍkim heechulssul jeonsullif(x)ChoizaDynamic Duokim gura

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