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YoonA Clears Out Rumours Saying She's Jealous of miss A's Suzy

Yoona opened up about her now-public relationship with Lee Seunggi and also cleared up rumours about her supposed jealousy at Suzy.

Mar 18, 2014 07:34 AM GMT
TAGㆍyoonabae suzylee seunggiGirls Generation
(Photo : SM Entertainment)

On this week's episode of "Healing Camp" Girls' Generation member YoonA shared her thoughts about her public relationship with actor Lee Seung Gi. "I sent everyone a text, apologizing for having [the group involved] in the reports that we being made. [A dating scandal] has never happened before in our group, so for that I was even sorrier," YoonA said about her initially reaction when word about her relationship got out.

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She continued, "Because of me, the members are now being asked questions on dating and they had to answer, which they didn't have to. I thought it would be really difficult for them."

The discussion got more in-depth, and YoonA was asked how she and Lee Seung Gi go on their dates. YoonA cautiously answered, "The same way you saw in the articles." She also added, "I was so flustered", referring to how she felt when the news went public.

The MCs asked, "Didn't you predict this? Didn't Lee Seung Gi always express that you were his ideal type?" to which YoonA replied, "I thought he was just saying that because he was on air. And at that time, he didn't directly express his interests."

Furthermore, YoonA cleared up rumours saying she's jealous of miss A's Suzy, who starred opposite Lee Seung Gi on "Gu Family Book". YoonA clarified, "I wasn't jealous at all. They were simply working together. I'm really curious about where these rumours stem from."

Tagㆍyoonabae suzylee seunggiGirls Generation

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