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Toheart Talk About Prettiest Girl Group Members and Ideal Types

The boys of Toheart say they have the same taste in a lot of things. Would their ideal types be the same? Let's find out.

Mar 19, 2014 07:02 AM GMT
(Photo : SM Entertainment)

Toheart recently appeared on the March 18 broadcast of SBS FM's "Cultwo Show". On air, Key and Woohyun revealed which girl group member in their agency was the prettiest, and their ideal type of girl.

As to who is the prettiest in SM, Key said, "Girls' Generation? Sorry, but I've been seeing Girls' Generation for so long..." Ultimately, she chose Tiffany.

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Woohyun also shared whom he thought is prettiest in Woollim. "She hasn't debuted yet," Woohyun said and his answer raised a lot of curiosity.

When it came to ideal types, Key and Woohyun, no matter close and similar they are to each other, had differing points of view. Toheart shared, "When it comes to women we like, we have different types."

Woohyun added, "If I mention someone whom I think is pretty, Key says, 'Really?', in a rather surprised tone. Our ideal types are so different." Key also commented, "We have the same taste in other things, but not in women that we like."

Ironically, Woohyun and Key are seen fighting over the same girl in their "Delicious" MV.


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