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Orange Caramel: "We Pressured To Stand Out Even More"

The girls of Orange Caramel recently revealed that cooking up more unique concepts is getting difficult.

Mar 25, 2014 08:47 AM GMT
TAGㆍOrange Caramel
Orange Caramel
(Photo : Pledis Entertainment)

Orange Caramel is one of the braver girl groups that creatively shifted their concepts with every comeback, and not stick with a more generic and tested one. However, the girls admitted that coming up with eccentric and unique ideas is not getting easier.

During their appearance on KBS CoolFM’s “Jo Jung Chi and Hareem’s Two O’Clock” on March 24, the group discussed the positive and negative sides aspects of being a singer and having such concepts.

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Nana expressed, “My personality does not fit well with the flashy stage outfis of Orange Caramel. I don't like them, and I don't think they fit me. That's why Raina and I were not too enthusiastic [when we first found out about it.]"

Lizzy, on the other hand, expressed a contradicting opinion. “Personally, I liked it a lot. The clothes and the music have this kind of nostalgic, addictive feel to them. That's why I like them."

Furthermore Jo Jung Chi commented, “The outcome is very good so you all must like it,” to which Raina replid, “We all like it now and we are working hard.”

She continued, “Honestly, were more pressured these days. In the past, it was either a hit or a miss. There was no pressure. Since we are also promoting as After School, I kept this mindset of having fun while promoting as Orange Caramel. However, as time went by, people seem to crave stronger concepts more, so we feel pressured by the thought of standing out even more."

Orange Caramel returned with the funny “Catallena” on March 12. Since then, they’ve been receiving raves for their unusually yet crafty concept.

TagㆍOrange Caramel

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