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Park Se Young and Wooyoung Have Skinship While Working Out

Park Se Young and Wooyoung had a serious gym session for this week's episode of "We Got Married".

Apr 6, 2014 08:27 AM BST
TAGㆍPark Se YoungWooyoung
Park Se Young, Wooyoung
(Photo : MBC)

With 2PM's signature image as "beastly idols", it is expected of Wooyoung to frequent the gym to maintain his ripped figure. It's no wonder he tagged along his virtual wife Park Se Young for a gym session on the April 5 broadcast of "We Got Married".

The episode showed the couple deciding on the what to do for the day, which ended up with a gym session. To Park Se Young's surprise, she discovered that virtual hubby Wooyoung is very serious about working out. It was later revealed that Park Se Young has a male trainer, which spiked Wooyoung's jealous meters as he suggested that he should be the one training Park Se Young instead.

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Wooyoung showed off her knowledge about workouts and intently assisted Park Se Young with her regimen. Through this activity, the couple were immersed in a bit of skinship, which caught Park Se Young in surprise. Wooyoung even casually slapped Park Se Young on the back to help her relax her muscles.

By the end of their session, the couple promised to work out together at least once a week.

Park Se Young and Wooyoung have been showing such great chemistry on the show and fans can't help but swoon at their sweetness. So far they've done a lot of things together such as cook, and even sing!

TagㆍPark Se YoungWooyoung

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