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Junhyung Admits To Having A Sort of Colour Blindness

Junhyun admits for the first time in public to having colour weakness, a variation of colour blindness.

Apr 11, 2014 11:07 AM BST

On the April 10 broadcast of MBC Every1's "Showtime-Burning the BEAST", rapper Junhyun admitted for the first time in public that he had color weakness, a form of colour blindness in which colours don't appear as vivid for him as it would for others.

Kikwang shared, "There was a time Sunmi came out with pink hair," the other members all related to the incident, but Junhyung said, "Don't talk about colours."

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When asked why, Junhyung chuckled and said, "Because I have color weakness."

Surprised by his sudden revelation, the guys of BEAST explained, "Fans don't know this. Only we do."

Kikwang added, "Is the first time you're admitting this in your 26 years?"  Yoseob said, "He really got ambitious on the show to the point he confessed this.  Did you come out here with that intention?" evoking laughter from everyone.

Did you catch this episode of "Burning the BEAST?"


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