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Crayon Pop Recalled Days of Promoting Themselves in Cold Weather

Crayon Pop narrated their experience of promoting themselves in extremely cold streets during their appearance in "Human Documentary".

Sep 29, 2013 12:24 PM BST
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During the September 28 episode of MBC's "Human Documentary", the girls of Crayon Pop shared their experiences of promoting themselves in harsh weather conditions.

They recalled that performed on the streets for several days to get their name out in the public. They wore bright training suits and held up signs announcing that they're singers. They basically went out of the ordinary just to raise attention for their band.

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Ellin shared, "Our members were so cold that our hands and faces became red. Other groups get to practice in the practice room so we thought a lot about why we had to go around outdoors shaking during the winter."

Their youngest member, Soyul, also remembered how they were crying at the time explaining that apart from the cold weather, there were many people who didn't recognize them. They were saddened by the fact that they had to hold up signs to introduced themselves to people, that they are singers and that they are Crayon Pop. Their signs also said, "We will talk photos with you."

Their agency's CEO revealed how sorry he felt for the very determined members of Crayon Pop. He said, "I felt really sorry to their parents for making their children perform guerrilla concerts in the midst of a really cold weather and seeing them shivering in the streets." The CEO also said he will do whatever it takes to help Crayon Pop achieve their highest potentials and become a big success in the industry.

Tagㆍcrayon pop

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