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Girls' Generation's Seohyun Is Hoping For A Miracle

Seohyun is one in prayer with the rest of the world and is hoping for a miracle in the Sewol Ferry tragedy.

Apr 21, 2014 01:04 PM BST
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Girls Generation’s Seohyun is one of the many celebrities who expressed their grief over the unfortunate Sewol Ferry tragedy that put at risk the lives of more than 400 passengers.

Seohyun took to Twitter on April 20 and wrote, “They must have cried until their tears have dried up… the pain [they felt] from having their hearts broken is unimaginable. I hope nothing comes up in the future that could hurt them even more. I hope a miracle happens. I’m earnestly praying. All those people who died, I pray that you go to a good place. We mourn for you.”

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Celebrities are one with the entire South Korean nation in mourning and continuously making an effort to save lives in the accident which is now deemed one of the worst maritime tragedies in the country. The ferry was headed to Jeju Island carrying over 400 passengers consisting of students on their way to a field trip.

TagㆍGirls GenerationSeohyun

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