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It's Akdong Musician VS 15& On Soribada's Weekly Chart

Akdong Musician and 15& go head to head on Soribada's latest weekly tally. Rookie duo group Akdong Musician has been slaying the charts with their debut album "Play".

Apr 22, 2014 09:35 AM BST
TAGㆍakdong musician15&HIGH4Eddy Kim

Rookie duo group Akdong Musician has been slaying the charts with their debut album "Play". However, the duo has found themselves in a stiff competition Soribada's weekly chart with returning artist 15&. Although Akdong Musician has been rising steadily, 15& and Park Ji Min took hold of this week's top spot on Soribada.

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On April 22, Soribada representatives revealed the results of their latest weekly tally. For the third week of April, in first place was 15&'s "Can't Hide", which was composed and penned by J.Y Park. Following the group in second place was Akdong Musician with their light upbeat track "200%". Trailing behind in third place is rookie group HIGH4 and their track "Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms" which features IU.

Furthermore, singers hailing from audition programs also entered the charts. "Supertstar K4" product Eddy Kim ranked 10 with "The Manual". "K-Pop Star 3" finalist also made the list with "English Man In New York" in third place.

A representative of Soribada said, "'K-Pop Star' and 'Superstar K' artists dominated the chart this week. Various genres of music including R&B, ballad, hip hop, and dance have been gaining popularity equally."

Akdong Musician made a solid comeback with their album "Play". The sibling duo will be promoting three title tracks for this promotional cycle.

Tagㆍakdong musician15&HIGH4Eddy Kim

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