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The Prettiest and the Most Convincing: Our Top 5 Male Cross-Dressers

We've listed down the top 5 K-pop dressers we think were surprisingly prettiest. Cross dressing is considerably a normal thing in Korean Pop culture.

Sep 30, 2013 04:25 PM BST
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Cross dressing is considerably a normal thing in Korean Pop culture. A lot of stars have done and they don't necessarily have to be gay, lesbian, or bi to manage to pull it off.

It's a fun segment in festivals and variety shows and usually done to pay a tribute to other artists or as challenges in shows.  Most artists are good sports when they are tasked to cosplay and play along with it well.

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However, we've listed down some of the prettiest K-pop cross-dressers ever (in no particular order).

Taemin (SHINee)

It cannot be denied that Taemin is one of the prettiest male talents in K-pop. However hard you try to have him dress boyishly, once he smiles you'll suddenly want him to be your little sister.

This is perhaps one of Taemin's earliest attempts at cross dressing and was taken back in 2008. He even looks like Ku Hye Sun's character, Geum Jan Di, in Boys Over Flowers.

In this photo, Taemin is a lucky princess being serenaded by Changmin and Kyuhyun during the SMTOWN 2012 concert in Seoul.

As if to say he is the reigning cross-dress queen, I mean king, Taemin looked the part as Ke$ha during his and Key's performance of "My First Kiss".

Sungjong (Infinite)

During their performance of Milk Caramel, Dongho, Dongjun, and Sungjong all wore cute dresses and big bow head gears.

Although they were all pretty, the cutest and the most convincing has to be Sungjong.

She really looks like a doll!

G-Dragon (Big Bang)

The multi-award singer-rapper always projects a boyish aura. And sometimes he seems like a legit chick magnet, as he is always seen with sexy women in his music videos.

However there is crazier side of G-Dragon that is a delight to see. And that's when he unleashes his inner woman and introducers "her" through cross-dressing.

Kevin (U-Kiss)

No, guys! The "girl" on the right photo is not Girls' Generation's Taeyeon. That's Kevin of U-Kiss!

Doesn't he look gorgerous?

Heechul (Super Junior)

Of course, this list would be incomplete without The Diva.

During SMTOWN's concert in Paris in 2011, Heechul transformed into Lady HeeHee (inspired by Lady GaGa) alongside other Super Junior members who also cross-dressed into famous female singers.

There were already many instances of Heechul cross-dressing prior to Lady HeeHee, however his Lady GaGa impersonation is his most striking and memorable.


So what do you guys think? Did these fellows have you fooled as well?

TagㆍSHINeetaeminSuper JuniorHeechulU-KissKevininfiniteSungjongBig BangG-Dragon

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