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Stellar Open Up About "Marionette" MV, Say They're Actually Innocent in Real Life

In a recent interview, Stellar talked about their scenes in "Marionette" and what their real-life style really is.

May 3, 2014 03:54 PM BST
(Photo : Top Class Entertainment)

In February this year, Stellar came out with an excessively sexy music video for their comeback track “Marionette”. With this, Stellar became part of the growing list of K-pop girl groups that showed off a lot of skin in sexy outfits and matching risqué dance routines, all wrapped in one 19+ rated release. Stellar raised the ante and went from sexy to controversial when their new material was found to have racy and suggestive content, which was frowned up by fans and even celebrities alike.

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In a recent interview with news outlet BNT News International, the group shared their thoughts on their controversial comeback and untold stories behind “Marionette”.

In the “Marionette” MV, Stellar member Junyool had a scene where she was drinking milk, and had her chests in full view as milk slipped down to that area. The scene raised the eyebrows of many viewers for being unnecessarily suggestive. Junyool commented on the scene, "I hate milk, but during filming, there were a lot of milk drinking scenes so it was agonizing. I thought to myself, 'I wish I get exempted for this,' but I got chosen to do it." Minhee added on her scene, "The holes on my stockings were not intentional. It ripped because my nails got caught in it... It was so well done that even we were surprised."

The group got served up with a lot criticism for “Marionette”, but in their defense the members shared that they have a completely different image in real life. "In real life, we are the type to like an innocent and feminine style. The sexy concept was only to show various sides of us, there was no special reason for it... As soon as the song became popular, our friends from the military contacted us first. We didn't have to promote, and they knew and called us. We were able to realize the popularity of 'Marionette' once again."

How did you guys find Stellar’s “Marionette” MV?


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