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Jaejoong and Siwan Show Real-Life Brotherly Chemistry On Set of "Triangle"

Jaejoong and Siwan show that contrary to their drama roles, they are actually really close in real life.

May 8, 2014 10:57 AM BST
TAGㆍKim JaejoongIm Siwan
Jaejoong and Siwan
(Photo : MBC)

On the MBC drama series "Triangle", JYJ's Jaejoong and ZE:A's Siwan play brothers with a tense relationship after having been separated for a long time. Living completely different lives and without any clue about each other's personality, Siwan and Jaejoong relationship prove to be severely strained. However in real life, Jaejoong and Siwan's relationship is the exact opposite and the two revealed that they get along quite well behind the cameras.

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In between takes, Jaejoong and Siwan come together to study a casino, all the while exchange advices with each other while practicing. The two even laughed and smiled while looking at something on one of their cellphone, showing an unadulterated and adorable brotherly moment.

It was later revealed that Jaejoong and Siwan have meet previously, prior to the official filming for "Triangle". Jaejoong said, "Whenever we had days without filming, we got closer by meeting up in our spare time to eat and even drink together. Siwan, unlike his appearance, turned out to be a real man."

Siwan also shared, "Because I got a lot closer to [Jaejoong] hyung, I feel much more comfortable when we film. I am most looking forward to hyung's transformation when he acts. He really ruined [his image] to no end. It's amazing!"

On the show, Jaejoong and Siwan, along with Lee Bum Soo, play three brothers separated at a young age following their parents' death. Now completely living different lives and having different backgrounds, their characters reunite in a twist of fate, facing each other's unique struggles.

Jaejoong plays the middle brother, Young Dal, a gangster of sorts. At the press conference of "Triangle", Jaejoong revealed this will be his last drama project before he enlists in the military. Siwan, on the other hand, plays Yang Ha, the son of a successor but lives with a lonely life.

Catch their brotherly chemistry in "Triangle".

TagㆍKim JaejoongIm Siwan

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