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Hyosung Talks About How She is a Different Singer from Jiyeon and G.NA

SECRET's Hyosung talks about her debut and how she differs from other singers On May 12, Hyosung held an event for her first solo album titled “TOP SECRET.

May 13, 2014 02:55 PM BST
(Photo : SURE Magazine)

On May 12, Hyosung held an event for her first solo album titled “TOP SECRET.” In the showcase, she performed her debut track “Goodnight Kiss” and had time to answer some questions.

Hyosung opened up on thoughts on debuting as a solo artist, being the same time for comeback of other solo female artists, “I believe all three of our songs were produced by Duble Sidekick. Because of this, I am a little worried, but fortunately, each song has a different style so I think it will be fun. If I was the only female solo artist, I may have been lonely, but since we are all promoting together, I actually think it will be a win-win situation for all of us.”

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She then added as she answered questions about comparisons, “A way to differentiate us is by our performances. They [Jiyeon and G.NA] are both very thin, but I have a more healthy looking figure. In terms of performance, I think that my stage will give a lot of energy to the audience. Also, I’ve only been able to show my vocals through Secret, but I think people will be able to see a fresh new side if they watch me sing an entire song on my own.”

Also in the showcase, Hyosung said that all of the songs from “TOP SECRET,” also the music video for “Goodnight Kiss.” She will be actively promote her very first solo album on many music programs.


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