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Jiyeon Ordered To Edit "Pelvic Sway" Dance On "1MIN 1SEC" For Broadcast

Jiyeon's dance routine for "1MIN 1SEC" has been deemed inappropriate by TV networks, ordering her to change the "pelvic sway".

May 24, 2014 06:26 AM BST
(Photo : Core Contents Media)

T-ara member Jiyeon just recently made her solo debut and she's already causing quite a huge buzz. While fans are going gaga for Jiyeon's "pelvic sway" dance that's part of her choreography for "1MIN 1SEC", TV networks execs aren't so please about it. The choreography was marked inappropriate for broadcast for being sexually suggested. The singer has been notified to change her choreography, otherwise she would not be able to perform it on music shows for broadcast.

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Jiyeon's safe for broadcast version of the "1MIN 1SEC" choreography will be seen first on Inkigayo and Music Core this weekend.

Although fans do not seem at all bothered by Jiyeon's sexy hip swaying in "1MIN 1 SEC", an exclusive report by Star News reveals why the dance routine was frowned up by broadcasting networks. The said report mentioned that broadcast companies specifically asked to have the "pelvic break dance/sway" changed. The said dance can be seen in the beginning and middle part of the MV.

In response to the order, Jiyeon's agency Core Contents Media also released a statement.  A rep stated, "It is true that we received a call concerning the said request. However, we would like to reiterate that the said sexy dance was added to simply match the overall feel of the song and not to  portray anything 'erotic' or sexual. Nevertheless, we respect the request of the broadcast companies and Jiyeon will soon show a modified choreography of the song."

Jiyeon is not the first star requested by network companies to modify his/her choreography to make it suitable for broadcast. In recall, networks also placed the same order on Stellar (Marionette), Girl's Day (Something), AOA (Miniskirt), and more.

Jiyeon will debut the edited version of her dance routine for "1MIN 1SEC" on MBC's Music Core this May 24.


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