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Lee Joon Rates His Acting Skills With An "F"

In a recent interview, Lee Joon reflected on his performance in acting and rated it with an "F".

Jun 6, 2014 06:49 PM BST
Lee Joon
(Photo : J.Tune Camp)

MBLAQ's Lee Joon currently stars in the tvN drama series "Gabdongi" and the singer-actor recently participated in an interview to talk more about his role as the psychopathic serial killer "Ryu Tae Oh".

Lee Joon said, "It was not hard to decide to play the part.  I always wanted to take on an interesting and fun role.  It came to me that a character like Ryu Tae Oh could come off simple or abundant depending on how I express and act him out . . . I did not want to do similar acting for the character.  I wanted to create an acting style unique to myself. When I practiced, I consulted the script like a textbook.  Even if it were the same scene, I practiced a variety and looked for a portrayal that I thought matched me personally."

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In previous interview with Vogue Girl, Lee Joon shared how he prepared for his role on "Gabdongi". "I looked up YouTube videos of interviews done by actual mentally insane people," Lee Joon.

Throughout his acting career, Lee Joon has receive a lot of criticism from fans, experts, colleagues, and viewers in general. While many have lauded and recognized his excellent acting performance, Lee Joon has a different comment on his acting, "These days, people seem to be praising me as the best acting-dol.  I'm both grateful and burdened. There's still a lot lacking.  If 10 points is calculated as the best score for my acting, I'd give myself a 1.5.  If I were to put it in English, that would be an 'F'.  There's no scene that I personally am satisfied with.  I'm left with disappointment," Lee Joon said.

Despite having received nods for his acting chops, it seems like Lee Joon still remains grounded and humble.

What do you think of Lee Joon's acting?

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