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Authorities Start Investigation on the Perpetrator of HyunA's Photoshopped Nude Photo!

Representatives of HyunA will not tolerate this incident as police started investigating on the perpetrator

Jun 21, 2014 09:59 PM BST
(Photo : Esquire)

The police authorities has started their investigation to find the perpretator who was responsible for leaking HyunA‘s photoshopped nude photo.

The cyber investigation unit of the Seoul Police said on June 21 that they have received the evidence and is in the cycle of the investigation.

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Recently, a photo of HyunA rapidly circulated in social media outlets like KakaoTalk and Facebook. The photo was soon revealed to be edited, with HyunA’s face photoshopped onto a topless woman’s body.

The police is seeing the possibility of arresting the original distributor of the image.

A representative of HyunA stated, “the information proving that the picture has been photoshopped and the adult site that has been said to be the original place where the picture was posted have both been submitted to the police as evidence. We will not tolerate our artist’s image be destroyed by such terrible actions.”


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